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About Glider

Volo is F5J competition glider, designed by Oleg Golovidov, using stretched to 4 meters SynerJ wing from Gerald Taylor. Solid core construction allow us to make light as well as strong model.

Space Saving


There are two types of fuselage – full carbon or 2.4 GHz friendly version with front fuse part from aramid fabric (only for “standard” and “strong” layups). Our fuselage tip is compatible with 32mm spinner.

Wing Joiners


We offer standard tailboom to increase stability; however, you may choose shortened tailboom for better agility.


For your VOLO we offer six plain bright colors (yellow, orange, pink, red, green or blue), custom color mix of your choice or you may even create your own paint scheme.


Our package includes: wing set with chosen joiners, stabilizer, rudder, fuselage, tailboom, accessory bag which includes 2 motor mounts, wires for wing and fuse with connectors, horns for ruder, stabilizer, ailerons and flaps, 4 tailboom push rods ends, tail servo frame, 2 stabilizer mount screws, 2 aileron push rods, 2 flap push rods including clevises, 4 wing servo covers, ruder push rod cover.

Four Layups

Depending on preferred weight, we suggest 4 different layups: "Super light" (FAI limit), "Light", "Standard" and "Strong", all with ballast covers for any kind of weather. You can find settings table for your Volo glider by pressing the link

Specs/Model "Super Light" "Light" "Standard" "Strong"
Weight 1065-1120g 1150-1240g 1350-1420g 1500-1600g
Material Carboweave CW20
Carboweave CW40
Carboweave CW40 Aspro A60 Aspro A60
Price 1875,50 € inc. VAT 1875,50 € inc. VAT 1875,50 € inc. VAT 1936,00 € inc. VAT

Ballast System

Wiring installation

From 2021/03/04 all models goes with wiring installed.

Full Assembly

At your request we can fully assemble the model - you only need to install receiver.



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