These are our models in stock. Models are sent in a few days or weeks depending on additional accessories or services you order.

To fully assemble your model, we offer servos, GM spinners and prop blades, speed controllers, power trains we usualy have in stock (see below):

Servos: MKS HV6130; MKS HV6110; MKS HV6100.

GM spinners and prop blades: GM prop blades (11x6, 12x8, 13x8, 14x7); GM CL prop blades (12x10, 13x10, 14x10).

Speed controllers: SunriceModel 40A; SunriceModel 60A; YGE 35A; YGE65A.

Power trains: Tenshock EDF1515; Tenshock Viper.


To place your order contact us via email:

Write us:

  • Your chosen model;
  • Your chosen main and tip joiner angles (Main 4 or 6deg; tips 7 or 9deg);
  • Any additional accessories or services you may need (protection bags, servo installation etc.).

If you are not sure which components goes best with the model you have chosen, feel free to ask us. 

Take a note that VAT is not included for customers from non European Union countries.

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