About us

Welcome to VOLO. The company that loves to learn, collaborate and create.


We are VOLO (Latin for I wish, I want; Italian – Flight, I fly) – the company with a passion for creativity and quality. Based in Lithuania, we started our business in 2017.

We, company founders, Donatas Pampikas and Adomas Sutkus, are both lifelong RC glider builders and competitors, starting from school years. As many young modelers, we started with free flight, then moving to RC models. As time passed by, we built and flew F3B, F3J and F3K gliders. Few years ago new FAI class emerged – F5J. And we decided draw new line in our lives – start own manufacturing company.

From our very first day, we have always tried to make decisions that our customers could be proud of. We were first on the market to offer full span (4 meters) F5J glider, that can be packed in 4 ft box.

Since our start we have grown in size and now we are able to do even more. If you have ideas, how to improve VOLO – don’t hesitate to contact us - we listen to our customers.